Rapid Response Kit – Pallett Delivery Only

£ 645.00

Rapid Response Kit created by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners

Rapid Response Kit includes the following items:

1 x Blue Roll

2 x Categroy 3 suits

2 x Category 3 over boots

1 x Box of 100 Latex disposable gloves

1 x Absorbant with deodorizer 100g

1 x Bio Hazard Tape

2 x Spill kits

1 x Mini Sharps Box

1 x Collapsible Sharps Picker

2 x 15g Ficam W Sachets

1 x 4255 Mask

2 x Coopex Mini Smoke Generators

1 x Coopex Maxi Smoke Generators

2 x Green Hand Pads (individual)

1 x Valet Sponge

1 x Auto Glym Interior Shampoo

1 x Unger Window Cleaning Applicator

1 x pk Orange Medical Sacks (roll of 25)

1 x Pure Active Sponge

1 x Carpet Knife

1 x HexAmor Needle Resistant Gloves

1 x Enzyme Odour Remover (1Ltr)

2 x Rubber Gauntlet Gloves

1 x Formula 429+ ( 5Ltr )

All these items are kept in a twin wheeled double lockable unit which is convenient to maneuver and includes everything you would require to clean up a trauma scene.

Please note:

The Kit is send by Pallett delivery only, upon placing the order, please contact the office for the shipping cost on           01239 621821 or helpdesk@nacsc.co.uk

We offer a special discount on this product of £100 if purchased in conjunction with payment for a place on the NASCS course. If you accept delivery to the course venue we will bring it free of charge saving you Pallett shipping costs , along with any other product you order pre-course.