Formula 429

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A ‘ready to use’ water based broad spectrum anti-microbial (sanitiser)


A ‘ready to use’ water based broad spectrum anti-microbial with residual control on multiple surfaces.

Easy to use on Carpets, Fabrics* and Hard Surfaces. Kills many bacteria, viruses and yeast.

(*always test for colour fastness)

4 – Biocides   2 – Instant Kill and Residual Efficacy   9 – Nanoscopic Level Activity

Use neat, do not dilute (ready to use), using a Professional Service Sprayer/Foamier (6055) or a Pump-up Sprayer.

Fragrance : Odourless

Available as a single 5LTR Container or as a case of 4 x 5LTR (reduced cost for ordering as a case of 4 containers)


Safety Data Sheet available on request