Enz-All (Enzyme pre-spray)

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One the most powerful enzyme based cleaners in the industry


A  powerful enzyme based cleaner, formulated to deal with the toughest protein, oily or heavy duty ground-in soiling, including blood, coffee, urine and greasy traffic lanes in food service areas.

Can be used as traffic lane cleaner, pre-spray, or a very effective spot cleaning agent.  This is a versatile addition to the range of any professional carpet cleaning company.

Dilution: 1 scoop to 4L hot water. T/M 10 scoops to 4L water

Floral Fragrance, Off-White Powder

Available as a single 2.7kg container or as a case of 4 x 2.7kg containers

(reduced cost for ordering as a case of 4)


Safety Data Sheet available on request