Sharps Whats the Point !!!

HSE advice on staying safe from sharps



Steps for remaining ‘sharps safe’ are summarised below.

  • Avoid leaving sharps lying around;
  • Avoid re-sheathing any used needles/razors;
  • Do not bend/break needles before discarding them;
  • Place contaminated sharps/razors in disposal containers approved to BS 7320:1990, immediately after use;
  • Close the aperture to the sharps container when carrying or if left unsupervised, to prevent spillage or tampering;
  • Lock the container when it is three-quarters full using the closure mechanism. Do not try to press sharps down to make more room;
  • Place damaged sharps containers inside a larger sharps container. Lock and label the container with premises/departmental address prior to disposal.
  • Do not place anything sharp inside a yellow hazardous waste bag as it may cause injury;
  • Do not use makeshift containers, eg drinks cans, bottles, cardboard boxes, for sharps disposal. They may find their way into domestic waste, presenting a hazard to refuse workers and members of the public;
  • Do not try to retrieve items from a sharps container;
  • Do not place sharps containers on the floor, window sills or above shoulder level. They should be stored above knee level and below shoulder level;
  • Carry sharps containers by the handle, away from the body;
  • Keep all sharps waste in a designated, secure area until it is collected.

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