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I have received the following statement from Chemspec and had something similar from Biotrol; read into it what you will, but the most important thing is to make sure that you are well informed before taking on or promoting any service to do with this virus.

I have also included some useful links that may help.  Once again, your help and professionalism towards this disease is much appreciated.


Regarding your request for information on whether Chemspec Europe’s Formula 429 is effective at controlling Ebola Virus:-

Two points with regards to Ebola, firstly as it is a category 4 pathogen it is impossible to test, secondly, basic hygiene practices will help control it – moreover the superior biocide bundle used in both Formula 429 and Formula 429+ offer better protection.

The current company statement is below:

Our challenge in answering the question “Is Formula 429 efficacious against the Ebola virus?” is that without testing against the specific pathogens, it is difficult to be precise in our response.  With viruses the challenge is that they only replicate inside other living cells,  so to attack the virus, we need to be able to attack the cells in which the virus is growing.  To do that, we need to be able to interfere with the transmission mechanism, especially where that transmission is via a surface.

Firstly we should point out that the Ebola virus isn’t difficult to kill, provided that you can get access to it.  Even soap and water should be sufficient to kill the virus if it is on a hard surface.  The first real challenge that we face however with Ebola, is that it is a Class 4 pathogen, so we are unable to carry out any actual studies under laboratory conditions as the risks of working with it are too great.

It is finding ways to prevent the transmission that is exercising the best brains in the WHO (World Health Organisation) and MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres), and until suitable means of avoiding transmission, the main attack on Ebola is rightly in our view being led by the pharmaceutical industries in pressing ahead to develop a new vaccine.  From our perspective there is really nothing even with our exceptional surface residual performance that we can do to prevent transmission under such circumstances.

The Ebola outbreak is a serious problem with a significantly high mortality rate.  We don’t want to misinform or offer any indication that Formula 429 could be efficacious when it is untested!

Other places to gain information;

Any information that you have or if you have been asked to treat or prevent Ebola please would you let me know so we can be up to date and help all involved.




Ebola is getting close to home and you may be asked to clean an area where a patient has been treated or clean up the equipment that has been used on Ebola patients.

We are just getting the data together but the PPE for this type of work is completely different from anything we use at a normal trauma scene or any other outbreak control.  THE MINIMUM STANDARD FOR WORKING WITH EBOLA IS A CATEGORY 4 ALL-WEATHER SUIT WITH A SELF-RESPIRATOR.  Our advice is if you get a job, to call us first and we will give or get you further advice as to what PPE to wear.

At the moment Ebola is still very rare in the UK and in Europe so it’s not something to spend lots of time thinking about but we want to be ready in case any of you are asked to assist.